Alexey Welsh
Women want to feel sex as an experience of connection, love, aliveness or richness.
The current approach to sexuality is not aligned with the nature of female sexuality.

Women are generally disconnected from their sexual energy and their sexual vitality, even though they may have a consistent sex life.

Women rarely feel that sex satisfies them deeply. They rarely feel that sex is a source of valuable and nourishing energies in their life. Women rarely feel the true aliveness and connection in sex.

Women rarely feel sex as an experience of connection, love, aliveness or richness.

Women experience a very reduced and limited version of sex only on a superficial level of mechanical stimulation or exciting fun.

Sex for women is becoming more and more an experience of performance for the partner, pressure to achieve a result that would be deemed acceptable, and constant falling short of what ‘everybody else is having’.

The problem is not just the rudimentary technique that is on a fairly primitive level in our culture - it is also the entire vision and philosophy of sex that is not fulfilling for women’s deeper needs in sex.
Via my coaching I can help you to:
- discover the full richness of your body
- develop your body to greater range and depth of sensitivity
- connect with your sexual energy in the deepest way
- discover the loving side of sex
- discover the ultimate connectedness in sex
- discovering nourishing and enriching quality of sexual energy
- turn sexuality to your health and wellbeing
- benefit from sexual aliveness in your whole life
- create the most rich and enduring sexual relationship
If you experience sexual difficulties I have extensive experience with all of the following women’s problems and can work with you on them:
- problems with arousal
- problems with desire for sex
- problems with orgasms
- not enjoying sex
- anxiety during sex
- anxiety about sex
- pain during sex
- vaginismus
- numbness in sex
- lack of confidence in sex
- feeling ‘sexual blocks’
- issues with communicating in sex
- avoiding sex
- feeling disconnected in sex
- being in your head in sex
- body issues during sex
- being in performance mode
- being uncomfortable with receiving
- shame and guilt about sex
- focusing excessively on the other’s pleasure
- impact from sexual trauma or abuse

One-off consultation - $150 for 1h

A course of 6 sessions: $600 for 6 sessions, 1 hour each.

Sessions take place 1-2 weeks apart over the 6-10 week period, with practices you do at home in between.

*The 6 sessions have to be completed within a maximum period of 10 weeks.

**6 sessions do not guarantee completeness - this will depend on what you are working on and need to achieve. For some situations or problems the 6-week course would need to be renewed and continued in an ongoing manner.