Alexey Welsh
Men can give true powerful love, the richest sexual energy, a much greater journey, and deep happiness to their partners
The current sexual technique and vision don’t allow men to give their partners real sexual nourishment, sexual love, sexual fulfilment and true satisfaction that their partners need.

Men tend to try very hard to please their partners, and their heart and their intention is in the right place. Unfortunately with the current approach it is simply impossible. It is not that the skills are poor - it is that a good skill with a poor tool and a poor idea will still not deliver a great experience.

This keeps men’s partners unsatisfied and in doubt, and men themselves worked, anxious, and insecure in their abilities as a sexual partner.

With a new vision and technique men can give true powerful love, the richest sexual energy, a much greater journey, and deep happiness to their partners.

In addition, the current sexual technique doesn’t look after men’s own energetic needs. The technique is too difficult, wasteful, draining, and with no awareness for how men themselves need to be loved, nourished and regenerated.

Many men sexually hollow themselves out and this has an impact on their life and wellbeing. It also means that most sexual relationships eventually run out of steam.
Via my coaching I can help you to:
- develop your body to feel a lot more in sex
- give a much richer experience to your partner
- experience more loving, connected and nourishing sex
- discover greater variety in sex
- look after and regenerate your sexual energy
- turn your sexual energy for your wellbeing
- benefit from sexual aliveness in your whole life
- create the most rich and enduring sexual relationship
If you experience sexual difficulties I have experience with all of the following men’s problems and can work with you on them:
- problems with arousal
- problems with erection
- premature ejaculation
- performance anxiety
- not lasting long
- anxiety in sex
- anxiety about sex
- feeling disconnected in sex
- insecurity about your abilities

One-off consultation - $150 for 1h

A course of 6 sessions: $600 for 6 sessions, 1 hour each.

Sessions take place 1-2 weeks apart over the 6-10 week period, with practices you do at home in between.

*The 6 sessions have to be completed within a maximum period of 10 weeks.

**6 sessions do not guarantee completeness - this will depend on what you are working on and need to achieve. For some situations or problems the 6-week course would need to be renewed and continued in an ongoing manner.