Alexey Welsh
Partners need a greater journey together, love and connection in sex, true closeness and intimacy, and a powerful nourishment.
With the current vision and technique of sex it is very difficult to maintain an ongoing sexual relationship.

There is simply not enough value for partners to feel true enrichment. Current sex paradigm offers physical pleasure, fun and excitement but it is not enough.

Partners often don’t feel a greater journey together, love and connection in sex, true closeness and intimacy, a powerful nourishment that they would expect from sex, or any genuine emotional variety and creativity in sex.

This makes it difficult to maintain an interest in being together physically.

What is needed is a greater practice that will give greater value.

In addition, the current practice of sex is built on unsustainable principles. It is not possible to have sex in the long term with such difficult, draining and non-regenerative practice. This is the reason sexual attraction disappears.

The view of sex in our culture is only of the initial hot explosive sex with a new person, which partners are meant to simulate later for the rest of their life. This kind of sex soon doesn’t work and doesn’t provide for your true needs.
Via my coaching I can help you as a couple to:
- discover the full richness of your bodies
- develop your bodies to greater range and depth of sensitivity
- have sex that really feels like love and connection
- discover many new places in sex where you haven’t been
- discover sex that feeds you with aliveness and wellbeing
- discover true physical and emotional variety
- nurture and help each other with sexual energy
- have regenerative sex that helps you
- make your sex easy and manageable
- feel a greater journey in your sex life
If you experience sexual difficulties I have experience with all the following problems and can work with you on them:
- problems with arousal
- problems with desire for sex
- problems with communication about sex
- problems with connection during sex
- routine / boring sex
- performance anxiety
- sexual disconnect from each other
- no time or no energy for sex
- sex affected by having children
- differences in sexual desires
- differences in sex drive
- adapting sex to life changes
- anxieties in sex
Please be aware that all work on couple’s problems is complex work that has many components and set historic patterns. It progresses slowly and gradually. It is very important to have a slow manageable process in steps, which I create for you, to avoid setbacks.

You have to be prepared for a substantial course of sessions if you are having problems.

One-off consultation - $150 for 1h

A course of 6 sessions: $600 for 6 sessions, 1 hour each.

Sessions take place 1-2 weeks apart over the 6-10 week period, with practices you do at home in between.

*The 6 sessions have to be completed within a maximum period of 10 weeks.

**6 sessions do not guarantee completeness - this will depend on what you are working on and need to achieve. For some situations or problems the 6-week course would need to be renewed and continued in an ongoing manner.